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Friday, February 19, 2016

Warning: An Observation of The Black Lives Matters Movement

Whatever legitimacy the “Black Lives Matters”(BLM) movement may have is lost in its funding from one George Soros. Mr. Soros is the major financial source  responsible for funding the leftist movement in America. (See link for list of left wing organization funded by George Soros.  These left wing groups supported by Soros have one thing in common; to transform America. Groups like ACORN and Occupy Wall Street are a disruptive influence in our culture and seek to divide and transform our society into a Marxist design. Linked to this disruptive scheme is Black Lives Matters through Soros support and funds.  

George Soros’s funding of the BLM movement is a part of an integrated tapestry of organizations used to disrupt and weaken our society in order to engineer a socialistic transformation.  Since the 1920s-30s as presented in Harold Cruse’s book “The Crisis of The Negro Intellectual” there has been a focus strategy by the communist party to use the black community and the poor as a battering ram against “the system” for the purpose of fundamentally changing America into a leftist utopia. Their successful efforts in infiltrating the civil rights movement and other legitimate struggles for justice has been well documented by many historians and scholars recording the history of the civil rights movement in America.  

There is an example of how this co-optation has played out in recent history that demonstrates how the left uses black and poor communities to advance their agenda. George Wiley who was an agent of Richard Cloward and Frances Piven marxist professors at Columbia University formed, in 1969, a group called the “National Welfare Rights Movement”; a leftist organization which exploited the poor with a plan to implement a socialistic strategy to overwhelm New York city’s welfare system. This strategy which implemented Cloward and Piven’s orchestrated crisis is evident in the tactics now employed by the BLM movement. Organizers and leaders of BLM movement are using the same playbook, and strategy of George Wiley to advance their Marxist agenda in the public square today. This disruptive strategy is precisely the predominant influence manifesting itself in the "Black Lives Matter" movement across America. BLM movement is being aggressively manipulated by the left with funds from Soros in order to force a radical change in how local policing is done in America. Through  overreach and the expansion of a centralized systems controlled by Washington DC the lefts is attempting to control local policing. This evil manipulation of  black and poor communities by the left is a common strategy that has been used successfully in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s in order to advance their ultimate goal of “fundamentally transforming” America.

 David Horowitz in His book “Breaking The System” says, “the lefts strategy called for a cadres of aggressive organizers to create street actions by the poor that would create a climate of militancy.” This “cadres of aggressive” community organizers are studied in two ideas, one developed by Saul Alinsky in his book “Rules for Radicals,” and other by Richard Cloward and Frances Piven in their now famous philosophy called “Crisis Strategy.”  Horowitz suggested that climate of militancy will cause fear of racial violence which will pressure politicians to cave in to the demands set forth by the leftist who are leading these movements. These community organizers who are prominently positioned in the Black Lives Matters movement are committed disciples of Cloward and Piven’s and Saul Alinsky. 

 What we are witnessing in the BLM movement in simple terms is the deliberate efforts by the liberal progressive’s in America under the influence of Marxist to infiltrate and manipulate the black community. What’s behind their dastardly plan is to replace capitalism with socialism and to ultimately remove the influence of our Judeo-Christian heritage from the public square. These “aggressive community organizers” are fanning the flames of discontentment. By co-opting a legitimate issue related to stranded relationship between the community, local police and police intimidation they are using discontentment to advance their agenda. They are stirring passions into “a climate of militancy” and at the same time alienating race relationship in America. 
The old adage “divide and conquer” is playing out right before our collective eyes. The plan is a simple one, weaken America and then change her. The leadership of BLM is fully aware of this scheme; however the average participants (the foot soldier) in the movement are oblivious to this highly sophisticated, exploitive and manipulative strategy.

The concern for the community is not the motivating reason why these Marxist are involved in this movement. The leaders of the BLM movement are careful to maintain a narrative that is devoid of the major issues adversely impacting black communities all over this country. High unemployment, gang crime, black on black homicide, the failure of government schools to prepare our children for a 21st century economy, and the number one killer of black people:  abortion on demand. It is disheartening to see how leadership in the BLM movement have bought into this Marxist deception and refuse to address these issues, especially  abortion and its devastating impact on our babies and women. Black Lives Matters refusal to confront the biggest provider of abortion in the black community who perpetrates the mass murder of our babies, Planned Parenthood and its partners in death the abortion industry is very telling about their concern for the community. These merchants of death have destroyed over 35 million black babies since 1973 and have psychologically scared thousands upon thousands of black women for profit. More black babies are aborted than any other ethnic group in America. And what’s not reported to the black community is that when we hear of Planned Parenthood selling baby parts for profit most of those babies are our black babies! Where is the outrage from these so called leaders? 

The socialist and Marxist who are leading BLM are unconcerned with these very real issues in our community.  The refusal to address what has been historically and empirically documented as a eugenic plot to demographically demolish black and minority communities (abortion) across this globe is simply unacceptable. In addition, I find it hard to be believe the systematic dismantling of the black family through government overreach and nanny state intrusion into our families escape their notice.   

The Marxist manipulators who lead BLM movement seem more than happy to take funding from the likes of George Soros and betray the best interest of our community in order to achieve their desire to divide and conquer our beloved nation is nothing short of evil.  

It will be the black church as the prophetic voice of God to stand up and stop this Marxist takeover of our community's fight for a more perfect union.  Pastors and spiritual leaders must lead the way in this fight for justice as well as the fight against Marxism. There must be a collective community push back against this godless movement facilitated by Marxist who are seeking a dark and dastardly transformation of America. 

The deception being used is an old design sourced in Marxist/Lenin doctrine. Lie, divide, and conquer. Lenin was so bold as to call the poor and others of the proletariat class “useful idiots” necessary to accomplish their Marxist utopia. The church cannot remain silent as the godless force of progressive liberalism transforms our communities, and our nation. 

As a pastor and spiritual leader working for 30 years in the inner city of Dallas, Texas and as one who fought against abortion and the anti-life community since 1980 I will end my observations with several warnings to those who are caught up in the rhetoric of the left. Caught up in their deceptions used to inflame passions on legitimate concerns especially related to policing in our community:

First, I warn you to ask questions of those who lead the BLM movement. Why are they dismissive of black on black crime? Why aren’t they addressing the number one killer of black’s in America: abortion?  

And second, is a warning from scripture: Colossians 2:8 “see to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception, according to the tradition of men, according to the elementary principles of the world, rather than according to Christ.”  

Finally, the scriptures gives a description for us of those who deceive: Romans 3:13b-18 “With their mouth they keep deceiving, the poison of asps is under their lips;  14 whose mouth is full of cursing and bitterness;  15 Their feet are swift to shed blood, 16 destruction and misery are in their paths, 17 and the path of peace have they not known. 18 There is no fear of God before their eyes.”

Avoid men and women who fit this description. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Protesting The NAACP 44th Image Award

The 44th NAACP Image Awards will be held in February of 2013. The awards comes at a time when the economic, and spiritual condition of black America is worse than any time since the passage of the civil rights act of 1964. Unemployment among black men is through the roof; more black men are in prison than in college. Single parent households represent a higher percentage than homes with married couples. Along with these dreadful conditions are a host of pathologies ranging from HIV/AIDS, diabetes, cancer, black on black crime and many other challenging issues that contribute to a community in crisis. Perhaps what is more telling concerning the state of affairs in black America is the gross failure and indifference of black leadership at the congressional level and especially in the NAACP.

The image of the NAACP is one of self aggrandizement and self serving. Perhaps the greatest example of this is the NAACP’s evil connection with Planned Parenthood and their immoral and sinful plot to control the black population in America and in the black diaspora. This relationship with Planned Parenthood is nothing short of betrayal. The abortion rate in black America is the leading cause of death of black people, more than cancer, diabetes, HIV/AIDS combined. Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry with the full support of the NAACP are responsible for depopulating the demographics of black America.

Leadership in the NAACP has betrayed the best interest of the community by sacrificing our present and future development through supporting a eugenic plot to control the population of black Americans.

The history of the NAACP speaks to an organization that was started by individuals concerned about the devastating consequences of slavery: destroyed lives, families broken up by slave masters, mutilated human beings who were victims of cruel individuals who showed no mercy to the slave population.

Today in black America there is a mutilation going on, far worse than during slavery. This new slavery involves more than thirteen hundred babies being torn apart in their mothers’ wombs every day. Women are demeaned by so-called rap artists, men are misrepresented in degrading music, and sexual perversion is promoted through the immoral practice called, “being on the down low.”

Regrettably, today when we look at the NAACP, we see an organization that is in partnership with those who support same sex marriage, and other immoral agencies that contribute to the demise of black America. It is evident that the NAACP has lost its way, and sold its soul for a hand full of barley and a piece of bread (Ezekiel 13:19). When someone will do anything for money, they have simply become a Prostitute. And we as concerned members of the NBPLC will stand against and fight this Prostitution.

In this 44th year of the NAACPs Image Awards we offer our view of their image to those of us in the community where their leadership is targeted. 

We see the NAACP as having:

1.  Betrayed, and sold out black America for personal gain.
2.  Partnered with eugenics to control the black population.
3.  Abandoned the Christian traditions of the community in favor of a secular agenda devoid of God, the Bible, and faith.
4.  Sold out to corporations and big money interests.
5.  Participated in the murder of over 15 million black babies and the psychological scarring of multiple thousands of black women in America.

Over the scope of the United States’ existence as a nation, black American people have overcome many hardships. However, the leadership of our people has lost its bearings; blinded by the wine of the world the leaders have sold their own brothers and sisters for a mess of pottage called inclusion and political correctness. Presently, the African American community is poised to fall into the abyss of ethnocidal self-destruction brought on by demographic fatigue caused by social, spiritual, and economic problems that the established Civil Rights Leadership cultural elite have willfully abandoned for personal gain. The most wicked and corrupted is the NAACP which rides on soiled laurels as the "nation’s oldest civil rights organization."

The continual betrayals of the NAACP's leadership have driven disheartened members to burn over 3,500 membership cards. The national NAACP leadership is out of touch with black America and it is deeply entrenched in the pockets of corporate and special interest groups. This is an affront to the Christian beliefs that were foundational to the existence of an entire people. Mammon-driven NAACP leadership has turned its head from the consensus of black Americans to embrace abortion, homosexual marriage, celebration of amorality in the arts, and hedonistic alliances. NAACP has climbed into bed with the Leadership Council on Civil Rights who share neither commitment to nor respect for the history or values of our people.

We stand today as spiritual leaders and activists and represent a call in the land for those faithful to God and dedicated to rescuing their dying people from forthcoming judgment to march on the NAACP Image Awards Friday, February 1, 2013, to demand an end to corrupt and wicked leadership in black American life. We stand to proclaim a year of Repentance, Prayer, and Action. We stand to honor the unborn as gifts from God, worthy of all the rights of those living. We stand to stop the eugenic extermination of our children, and we stand to demand that the redeemed of God say so. We cannot sit in the seat of the scoffers any longer.

To all of like minds, join us in our moral crusade to save our people and the nation from divine judgment.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

We Are The Constitutional Defenders of Texas

Why We Exist

The level of frustration concerning the failure of men and women who were elected to protect the Constitution is overwhelming. Considering the number of unconstitutional acts perpetrated by this congress, and especially this administration, there is a need for Americans (We The People) to respond. It is clear in history that our founding fathers expected citizen of these United States to be engaged in the protection of our God given rights pronounced in the Declaration of Independence and fleshed out in the Constitution. A story of Benjamin Franklin, commonly known by many, is a powerful expression of our founders’ expectation. As Benjamin Franklin exited the Constitutional Convention a woman approached and asked of him; “Sir what have you given us”? He replied “…a republic, IF YOU CAN KEEP IT.” The role of we the people in the minds of the founders is best expressed in these few words, “IF YOU CAN KEEP IT”.

We have witnessed over the last few years and in recent times, increasingly, more unconstitutional acts by all three branches of our government. This has caused among many great concerns for our freedoms. The evidence of unconstitutional acts by our government has produced an uneasiness among many conservative Texans. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and when our elected officials blatantly disregard its principles the threat to our liberties require an immediate response from those who will be adversely affected by such actions. There is certainly no doubt regarding an uneasiness with Senator John McCain’s and Senator Carl Levin’s NDAA legislation which was recently signed into law by President Obama. In addition the HHS mandates, and the rapid fire unconstitutional edicts by President Obama's executive orders, are other clear violations of the Constitution.

These and many other actions taken against the Constitution are patterns threatening to our God given liberties, and run the real risk of nullifying those liberties through establishing illegal precedence.   Unfortunately, few in congress or the judiciary have fulfilled their oath to protect and defend our constitution from what some have called "the death of a thousand cuts". Their failure has caused a great deal of alarm among many in the Tea Party, the 912 movement, and constitutional conservatives. We believe that there is a deliberate attempt by some in our government to destroy the original intent of the constitution and the role it plays in securing our liberties. The Declaration of Independence tells us "…when any government becomes destructive to that end it is the right of the governed to alter or abolish it". Here the founders communicated a principle which tells us that we the people have the power to firmly adjust bad behavior and remove it from our government.

Constitutional Defenders of Texas will analyze and evaluate the actions of this administration and that of Congress, from 2009 until present. Our findings will be published and discussed in the public square to develop consensus in order to address these violations and those who violated our Constitution.

Located on our website are violations perpetrated by our government. Our findings were reviewed by a constitutional lawyer and confirmed to be authentic violations. Please take the time to review our findings and make a contribution to help us publish them. We encourage you to join us in our demand for redress.

Pastor Stephen Broden
Founder of Constitutional Defenders of Texas

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Labeled To Intimadate

Friday, April 17, 2009

Labeled To Intimidate!

DHS Attempt to Intimidate The Pro-life Community
By Pastor Stephen E. Broden

In an attempt to intimidate the Pro-life community, The Department Homeland Security have categorized as rightwing terrorist all who are fighting for the sanctity of life and unborn babies. I find this to be a curiosity. How can this be in America? A group of citizen exercising their first amendment rights be targeted and labeled as a treat to the homeland?

Without question, this is one of the more dangerous moves that the Obama administration has made since winning the election. What we are witnessing is a trail balloon, a kind of test to determine how the public would respond to their deliberate attempt to intimidate and label Americans. Thus far the strongest response has come primarily from our veterans. The Veterans community responded swiftly and boldly against DHS attempt to re-define them as terrorist. Because of their immediate reaction Secretary Janet Napolitano came forward and apologized to all veterans for the poor language describing them as terrorist.

Noticeably absent in her apology was any mention of this infamous reports blatant misinformation in labeling those who are involved in protecting the lives of the unborn as terrorist. In large part her arrogant disregard for our struggle, for our movement to change the conscience of Americans concerning the sanctity of life is because of the puny, and negligible response from we in the pro-life community who sit silently as the left defines us as terrorist.

In defining those who are “dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration” as right winged terrorist DHS is calling the Catholic community, the Protestant community, and all moral minded men and women all over this country terrorist. This is outrageous! If I didn’t know any better I would call this asinine. Simply because we hold to a Christian worldview on when life begins we are terrorist. This is a leftwing ploy targeted against Christians, nothing more than an attempt to intimidate the pro-life community into silence and out of the public debate.

Friends, The Department of Homeland Security, are calling every Jew, Gentile, Protestant, and Catholic who firmly believes that life begins in the womb a terrorist! May I say to every elitist at DHS and the so called intellectuals who put this report togerther, we are not terrorist because we believe life begins at conception, we are not terrorist because we resist the culture of death; we are not terrorist because we believe the constitution extends to babies in their mothers womb! Secretary Napolitano, hear us loud and clear, we are not terrorist because we call on every American to recognize that the abortion industry is engaged in the greatest act of terrorism ever perpetrated on innocent babies, women and their families; the evil practice prenatal murder! Above all, we are not intimidated!

I am convinced now more than ever that it is imperative that the pro-life community stands together with one voice and demand that this attempt to label and intimidate pro-lifers into silence is unacceptable! We cannot allow this powerful government agency to label us for the consequences could potentially shut down our constitutional rights to free speech, and to peaceably assemble. We cannot allow some ideologue to utilizes his or her bully pulpit to remove our voice from the public square. We must not remain silent when so many innocent lives are at risk.

President Thomas Jefferson said, “…forbid us tamely to surrender that freedom which we receive from our gallant ancestors, and which our innocent posterity have a right to receive from us. We cannot endure the infamy and guilt of resigning succeeding generations to that wretchedness which inevitably awaits them if we basely entail hereditary bondage on them.”

In keeping with the words of this great president we The Black Pro-life Movement demand a public apology from The Department Of Homeland Security. In addition we seek for Secretary Napolitano to acknowledge publicly that we have a constitutional right to free speech, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances without being called terrorist.

Pastor Stephen Broden
The Black Pro-life Movement
Senior Pastor Fair Park Bible Fellowship
Dallas, Texas

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Why The Patriotic Frustration?

Many of my patriotic and conservative friends have expressed to me that they are discouraged at the lack of awareness and or concern of most American regarding the directon of our nation. There seems to be an indifference concerning the direct threat on our liberties by our elected officials. I for one am aware of the glazed over looks pepole have when I talk with them about the jeopardy our constitution is experiencing under this administration. It is amazing that that so many are oblivious to the rapid evaporation of our liberties by policies, excutive orders, and legislations that are unconstitutional and in violation of the founding principles that undergird our liberties. How is it that so many are blind? I have three observations that might help to define the problem. 1. Thomas Jefferson indentifies a human characteristic that explain the typical glazed look on most folk faces when it comes to fighting for and responding to the obvious threat on our liberties. In the declaration of independence he said, "that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the form to which they are accustomed." Wow, Jefferson in that one phrase communicates very clearly a problem widespread among most Americans. 2. Most American are unaware of the threat to our constitution because they don't know what's in the constitution. A dumb down population is easily duped and manipulated. 3. There is a spiritual component to the apathy apparent among us. The cult of personality, the message of change and the lame street media are contributing to a widespread deception that has duped Americans into believing a lie that is sourced in Darwinism, Socialism, and Communism. all three are godless systems based on the philosophies of men. 1Tim 4:1 "But the Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons," I summit to you that all these man made ism's are doctrines of demons and are very seductive to the uninitiated. They sound good but there end is destruction. The bible warns in Col.2:8 "See to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception, according to the tradition of men, according to the elementary principles of the world, rather than according to Christ." My friends this equals spiritual blindness!
Our declaration of independence and constitution were based upon the "Laws of nature and of natures God" God given principles coupled with principles of justices and righteousness is no longer understood by the majority of Americans and that is why so many don't know or want to know the threat we face. To my patriotic friends our role is that of a watchman on the wall. Sound the alarm as loud as you can, if they don't get up it will not be because the alarm failed to sound.

New American Standard Bible : 1995 update. 1995 (Col 2:8). LaHabra, CA: The Lockman Foundation

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

We Are In A Fight From Within

Unfortunately politics in America can be nasty, ugly, and dastardly. This is especially true at the presidential level. In the republican primary we are witnessing the cold hard vicissitudes of high stake politics firsthand. What's at stake is who will lead the republican party? The struggle is between those who are moderates, often times called RINO'S. This group sound conservative, and use the nomenclature of conservatives without commitment to it's governing principles. They camouflage themselves with conservative jargon in order to get elected, but once in office their progressive thinking and votes betray their true selves. They are crafty, cunning, and deceptive, using whatever means necessary to advance their agenda.  Other names for moderates are republican elite, country club republicans, cocktail republicans. 

Moderates are in a tug of war with those who are "constitutional conservatives." Constitutional conservatives are composed of evangelical conservatives, tea party patriots, and other grass root conservatives. They espouse a return to the founding principles, they believe in American "exceptionalism," expect their elected officials to uphold the constitution and fulfill their duty to protect it from tyranny both foreign and domestic. Limited government and support of the free market are part and parcel of their mantra to America. They simple love and appreciate God's blessing upon this nation. They see the storm clouds of tyranny and are working to resist its power play in Washington D.C.. Their weakness is an inability to discern rino's in an election cycle. They are easily duped into listening to words and not observing actions. They have an unusual ability to re-elect rino's over and over again. They often fail to see that the primaries are their source of power to get rid of rino's. 

The struggle between these two groups can be fairly intense at times. In this election cycle we are witnessing an alarming display of dirty politics from within the party. The smear campaign targeted at Herman Cain is breathtaking. Make no mistake about it this attack on Cain originated from within the party.  Its nasty and indicative of the intensity involved in the fight to control the party. 

What's required of conservatives is to recognize what's happening in this primary cycle. To ask questions. Why is the fight so intense?  I summit to you that there is a question that must be answered. The fight is an attempt to answer that question.  The question is who will lead this party? This my friends is of major concern and well ultimately determine who we are as a party. The moderates are extremely nervous because of the victories won in the last election by tea party activism . Grass root conservatives have flexed their collective muscles during the last election cycle and made it emphatically clear no more rino's! The power of tea party conservatives are being felt right now in the House of Representatives. This display of power have caused progressive inside the party and outside to take notice.

However,  conservatives tea party members must know that the moderates will not take this without a fight. They will fight and fight dirty to maintain their influence on the party. Those of us in Texas know firsthand how we won the election but at the same time lost in Austin. Can you say the name Joe Strauss?  

If you don't know you are in a fight, you will lose. To know is to prepare, by studying your foe and hit when its time to throw blows. The republic is at stake. Don't believe the hype!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Connecting The Dots is Very Revealing!

This article was sent to me by a friend in an email. What's being communicated here is the fact that there are enemy's within the republican brand. The establishment is not favorable to Herman Cain who get most of his support from grass root Tea Party types, and Constittutional Conservatives. The Rino establishment is willing to destroy Cain's character and family to ensure that Mitt Romney wins the primary election. 

Read the complete article and cut and paste it to as many friends as possible. The power of government is in the hands of the people. Don't be manipulated by the media or Rino's who see their days numbered. 

"Cast of Characters in the Lynching of Herman Cain"
By Donna Garner

Chris Wilson of Wilson Research Strategies has said publicly that while he was working for Herman Cain at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) in the late 1990's that he personally saw Cain sexually harass a woman at a restaurant in Virginia although Wilson has not said exactly what he believes constituted his claim of "harassment." 


Chris Wilson was the Executive Director of the Republican Party of Texas under then-governor George W. Bush. Chris Wilson worked very closely with Karl Rove. Rove was known to us in Texas as the "master of dirty political tricks. " I suspect that Rove taught Chris Wilson the art of deception.


Karl Rove has been accused of being the source behind countless dirty tricks, whisper campaigns, smear tactics, and character assassinations. 

I have dealt personally with Karl Rove. I well remember in 1997 when we classroom teachers in Texas had written our own state curriculum standards document (Texas Alternative Document) and were gaining wide support in the national press because no classroom teachers (before or since) had ever written their own standards document. We classroom teachers did not believe the standards being steamrolled by the Texas Education Agency and the Governor's office were good for Texas students.

In the spring of 1997, Karl Rove was brought in by Gov. George W. Bush's staff to quiet down the controversy because Bush was on his way to the White House and was being touted as the "education President." Karl Rove believed that Bush could not afford any bad publicity, and evidently Rove's task was "to make it go away." 

Suddenly those State Board of Education (SBOE) members who had supported our TAD document began getting phone calls from their largest campaign contributors threatening to withdraw their support unless they backed the Governor's document. 

One of our main SBOE supporters who made his living as a healthcare provider suddenly had his office visited by both state and federal auditing agencies simultaneously. They managed to tie up his total attention for weeks during the exact time that the SBOE members needed to be focusing their attention on the all-consuming work of adopting new curriculum standards for the state of Texas. The auditors found nothing illegal. 

At one particular SBOE meeting, several of the SBOE members were told by the hotel management that their room assignments had suddenly been changed. The next day the information they had exchanged in a highly confidential phone call was made known publicly and neither of them had been the ones to leak it. 

Back to the Herman Cain "lynching" -- 


Chris Wilson was hired by Mike Toomey to do Gov. Rick Perry's polling. Mike Toomey was Gov. Perry's chief of staff who was behind the HPV Merck/Gardasil scandal. Mike Toomey turned out to be a lobbyist for Merck. 


In 1995 Chris Wilson left the Republican Party of Texas (and Karl Rove) and went to work for pollster Tony Fabrizio. 

Because Gov. Perry's Presidential campaign was losing steam, several weeks ago (10.24.11) his team decided to hire Curt Anderson, Tony Fabrizio, et al. "Coincidentally," it appears that Politico began working on its 10.30.11 sexual harassment hit piece against Herman Cain at about that very same time.


Who is Curt Anderson? Herman Cain told Forbes that he recalled personally telling Curt Anderson in 2003 about the sexual harassment charges at the NRA but that they were baseless. Cain felt Curt Anderson as a pollster for the NRA needed to know about the allegations. 

Another big coincidence? Curt Anderson was the political director at the Republican National Committee under Haley Barbour. Haley Barbour was a member of the ad team for Mitt Romney's campaign in 2007/2008.

On 11.2.11 two days after the Politico story broke on 10.30.11, Haley Barbour went on nationwide TV and began to pressure Cain to get the NRA to release its confidentiality agreement, thus giving the "woman" a chance to grab the national microphone. 


I am not the brightest bulb in the lamp, but I can connect the dots. So can most thinking Americans. 

The Republican candidates are in a heated campaign leading up to the primaries. Out of nowhere has stepped Herman Cain as the frontrunner. He is not an "establishment" sort of guy. 

Chris Wilson, the "witness" (Karl Rove's understudy, recommended to Rick Perry by unscrupulous Mike Toomey) is now working with Curt Anderson (newly hired by Perry) and Tony Fabrizio (newly hired by Perry). 

Fabrizio is connected to Haley Barbour (worked on Mitt Romney's campaign in 2007/2008). Barbour is the one who is trying to pressure the Cain campaign to release the "woman accuser" so that the Politico story will grow legs and eventually "lynch" Herman Cain. 


Yesterday an attorney friend who has broad experience in such cases told me that if these "women" actually had grounds for sexual harassment charges, they would have gone after Herman Cain for millions of dollars; however, but they did not.

Another good friend sent the following to me, and I believe this piece also should help those of us who are trying to look at this situation logically:


Donna -- A few years ago I met an attorney who specialized in sexual harassment cases and had represented several women who had filed sexual harassment charges against a male co-employee (often a supervisor). We talked for quite a while about that and I learned a couple of interesting things:

1. Pre-Clarence Thomas, [before the Anita Hill "lynching" of Clarence Thomas in 1991] the attorney felt that the sexual harassment laws made sense and she gladly represented a number of female clients. 

Post-Clarence Thomas, she refused to represent most women that came to her because the charges were what she called "frivolous and ridiculous" -- that "hostile environment" could represent something as benign as an argument and/or several other nonsexual behaviors. 

2. I asked her if she ever represented any men pre- or post-Clarence Thomas. She said no -- that men were generally laughed out of the courtroom regardless of the validity of the charges.


To my way of thinking either the Perry campaign, the Romney campaign, or both may be behind this "lynching" of Herman Cain. 

I will also add that it is possible neither Rick Perry nor Mitt Romney may know what dirty tricks (if any) their campaigners may be doing once hired and working behind closed doors in various parts of the country. Therefore, Perry/Romney are not lying when they say they know nothing about this story. However, some of the campaigners working for them may know quite a bit about it. 

Resource for parts of my article:

11.2.11 " Former Texas GOP operative says he knows about Cain harassment but wasn't source for story" by Wayne Slater, Dallas Morning News: